How To Pick The Perfect Present This Christmas

Christmas can be both magical and stressful. You’ve got delicious seafood platters and awful drunk aunties, great gift givers and hopeless ones. Arguably the best part of Christmas is provoking a sense of happiness with the gift you provide a loved one. However, for some people, no matter how thoughtful or caring they really are the gift-giving process can be super stressful. Is this too thoughtful or not thoughtful enough? Would they prefer something special or expensive? Well, stop stressing the gift giving oracle has arrived.

#1 Thoughtfulness

The most important thing to consider when giving a gift is how will the person feel when you give them it? For example, if you give them a candle they will probably feel like you don’t know them at all, whereas if you hand knit a jumper of their face they will probably feel like they need firearm protection. The key is to strike a balance between over the top and thoughtful. Knowing what is meaningful to the person receiving the gift is the key.

#2 Practicality

The word practicality is often associated with coldness, but why give someone something they won’t use? Make sure it suits their lifestyle, tastes and it will serve a purpose in their day to day life. If your sister hates wearing dresses don’t buy her a dress no matter how much you think it would look fantastic on her. If your boyfriend never reads but you really think he would love a book about Pablo Escobar, you are probably wrong, and should just refer him to the Netflix show. Instead, gift your sister a gorgeous pair of pants that she will wear and your boyfriend that apple watch he’s been eyeing off. The key, remember your own tastes aren’t necessarily the same as theirs.

#3 Sentimental value

If you manage to gift a gift with sentimental value, then you are going to impress the person who receives it. Think back to your fondest memories of the person and use this for a gift idea. The key here is to make sure that the memory you’re modelling your gift idea on is one they also look back on fondly otherwise it’s going to get awkward, quickly. Sentimental gifts accompanied with a heartfelt note about the gift are also a nice touch. If you have family members or friends who seem like they would just prefer cash or an Xbox you can give them both a superficial and a sentimental gift. Pick up something affordable but meaningful, like a framed photo, plus something from their list of toys.

At the end of the day gift giving is about showing that you care about the person and took time to come up with an idea, so don’t just go to Indooroopilly shopping centre with no gift ideas and come back with a blender. Think about your gifts long and hard and use the list above to guide you. The best part is once you set the benchmark for good gift giving people will be more motivated to get you a good gift next year.

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