GoCatch – Better than Uber?
  • Name: GoCatch
  • What it Does: Similar to Uber this is a “rideshare” App linking commuters to private drivers costing significantly less than a traditional taxi fare
  • What it Costs: The App itself is free
  • Fare Costs: 
    • There is a 5% payment fee where you use a credit card for payment
    • No surge pricing exists
    • Off peak rates are cheaper than Uber


  • Pros: 
    • Offer an incentive or “tip” when booking to motivate drivers to accept your fare
    • Qantas frequent flyers can link to the App and earn 1 point for every $1 spent
    • No surge pricing
    • You can choose whether or not the driver may contact you directly on your mobile
    • Book a taxi directly from the App in peak times when demand for drivers is high
    • GoCatch is Australian owned and pays its drivers a higher percentage of the total fare than what Uber do
  • Cons:
    • You can’t view a history of trips in the App
    • Peak rates are higher than Uber’s regular rates


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